Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Afterburn Fuel
What is Afterburn Fuel, and how can it help me build muscle?

Afterburn Fuel is my custom formulated pre-workout supplement I take before doing EVERY workout. Afterburn Fuel is designed to give you more energy, so you can push hard through intense workouts. It’s also designed to help create greater muscular pumps. And some scientific evidence suggests (but does not conclusively prove) that workouts that create greater muscular pumps may be associated with faster muscle growth.

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What makes this supplement different from other muscle building supplements?

The biggest difference is that Afterburn Fuel was designed to give you both bigger muscular pumps and provide you with the energy you need. Normally you would have to take two different kinds of supplements to get the same effects of Afterburn Fuel.

A second difference is that the Afterburn Fuel contains no harmful banned substances. Unlike many pre-workout supplements, Afterburn Fuel does not use any pro-hormones or legal forms of steroids.

And finally, when you order the Afterburn Fuel, you also receive the following bonuses included free with your order:

The Zero Willpower Eating System is designed to make healthy eating as simple, convenient, and cheap as possible. You will be preparing all the meals along with me in the video, I will walk you through every step so you won’t be confused. You’ll also receive 1 free Insane Home Fat Loss workout video. Finally, I show you the truth about muscle building and fat loss supplements in my Top 10 Best And Worst Supplements ebook. You’ll have all the facts you’ll need to make a decision about buying supplements in the future.

If you want to learn more about the Afterburn Fuel and how it can help you burn your belly fat and build ripped muscle, be sure to check out the watch the Afterburn Fuel Video.

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Is there scientific evidence that Afterburn Fuel can help me build muscle?

Yes, and here is what others are saying about how the ingredients found in Afterburn Fuel can help with building muscle.

From: University of Michigan

“The amino acid arginine has increased growth hormone levels, an effect that has interested bodybuilders due to the role of growth hormone in stimulating muscle growth.

Double-blind trials conducted by one group of researchers, combining weight training with arginine, found the amino-acid produced decreases in body fat, resulted in higher total strength and lean body mass, and reduced evidence of tissue breakdown after only five weeks.”

From: U.S. National Library of Medicine

“Citrulline malate enhances athletic anaerobic performance and relieves muscle soreness. We conclude that the use of CM might be useful to increase athletic performance in high-intensity anaerobic exercises with short rest times and to relieve postexercise muscle soreness. Thus, athletes undergoing intensive preparation involving a high level of training or in competitive events might profit from CM.”

From: Livestrong.com

“Research has shown that supplementing with beta alanine increases carnosine concentrations in muscles. It is this large increase in buffering capacity within muscles that is largely responsible for strength, lean body mass, power and muscular endurance gains. The study concluded that concurrent high-intensity interval training (HIIT) along with beta alanine supplementation results in significant increases in lean body mass compared to HIIT alone. Researchers recommend taking between 3.2 and 6.4 grams of beta alanine per day to significantly boost carnosine levels to improve performance and increase lean muscle gains.”

From: Bodybuilding.com

“With continued use, Creatinol phosphate can also allow you to subject your muscles to an increased time under tension. This can elicit a much greater anabolic signal for muscle growth to occur.

In one study, it only took seven days to observe a dramatic increase in the time under tension threshold. In simple terms, Creatinol phosphate allows you to punish your muscles with a significantly greater anabolic load, which stresses the muscle fibers with a shocking new stimulus, setting the stage for rapid new gains in muscle size and strength.”

If you want to learn more about the Afterburn Fuels and how it can help you gain muscle, be sure to watch the watch the Afterburn Fuel Video.

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How does Afterburn Fuel taste?

The Afterburn Fuel fruit punch formula tastes amazing. It mixes smoothly with just 4-6 ounces of water so there is no disgusting chalky texture and never a nasty aftertaste.

How do I take Afterburn Fuel?

The best way to use Afterburn fuel is to mix one level scoop with 8-12 ounces of water once a day on training days. For best results, drink Afterburn Fuel 15-30 minutes before your workouts. To learn more about Afterburn Fuel and how it complements your workouts watch the Afterburn Fuel Video.

Who should take Afterburn Fuel, and who should not?

Afterburn Fuel is perfect for someone looking to build ripped muscle and burn off belly fat. This pre-workout will keep you focused, determined and energized every time you train. If you're fatigued or unmotivated during your workouts, you could be just wasting your time.

So if you’re a motivated guy who’s willing to push yourself, Afterburn Fuel will be great for you. But if you have physical or psychological problems that make intense workouts dangerous for you, you should not take Afterburn fuel.

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How do I get the Afterburn Fuel? Is anything shipped to me?

You’ll get your Afterburn Fuel shipped to you once you place the order. You’ll also get instant online access to stream or download your bonus Zero Willpower Eating System videos, your 1 free Insane Home Fat Loss workout and the Top 10 Best And Worst Supplements ebook.

As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive a username and password to log into my member clients’ site. Within minutes of signing up, you’ll be logged in there where you can watch all of your bonus materials.

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How much will Afterburn Fuel cost me?

$67 Plus $14.35 for shipping and handling per order.

Example: 6 bottles of afterburn will cost 268 +14.35 shipping and handling.

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How can I learn more about the Afterburn Fuel?

The best way to learn more about this pre-workout supplement is to watch my watch the Afterburn Fuel Video.

You'll learn more about how you'll be building muscle with Afterburn Fuel-- and you'll get some killer free tips about using supplementation to build more ripped muscle

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I have a question that wasn’t covered on this page -- how can I get it answered?

For the fastest response, give me a call! You can contact the Mike Chang Fitness team at 1-512-201-4651, or at 1-800-655-8576 if you’re outside the United States. Your call will be answered by one of my senior trainers, who can answer any questions that you have about the the pre-workout supplement and our fitness programs.

Our phones are answered live from 11 AM - 8 PM United States Central time, Monday through Friday. You can also leave us a message outside those hours, and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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